Industrial Precious Metals Refiner

Betts Envirometal, the environmental division of Stephen Betts & Sons Limited, specialises in the treatment, recovery and disposal of ‘special’ and ‘controlled’ wastes, especially those bearing precious metals.

We are fully licensed to deal with a broad range of hazardous wastes and are experts in extracting precious metals from almost any industrial source. Our extensive expertise not only removes the burden of legislative compliance, but also allows our customers to turn waste streams into a profitable resource.

Unlike jewellers, many industrial customers do not have precious metals at the heart of their operations and are consequently unaware of the lucrative returns their waste products can generate for them. Stephen Betts & Sons specialises in recovering waste from almost any source, but some of our core competencies in the industrial sector include:

  • Collection, processing and disposal of a huge range of hazardous solutions
  • Extraction of precious metals from virtually all industrial sources
  • Recycling of PCBs and other plated wastes
  • Recycling of brazing alloys and targets
  • Leading UK recycler of X-Ray film regularly used in non-destructive testing
  • Confidential storage and archiving