Clean Scrap

Over 70% of all Global demand for gold is from the jewellery trade and after almost 250 years, this industry still remains the most prolific of our refining sources.

We deal with all forms of precious metal waste from the jewellery industry, from clean hallmarked scrap and lemels, right through to large, low grade sweeps and hand-wash tanks. We even go as far as recovering the metal from old carpets and floorboards in old workshops.

Stephen Betts & Sons offers competitive rates on all alloys of clean scrap. Through use of XRF technology, we are also able to offer immediate payment clean scrap.

We aim to be highly flexible in making your scrap work for you. We are therefore able to offer immediate returns by cash, cheque or bank transfer. Alternatively, it is possible to credit clean scrap to a metal account and make use of our extensive manufacturing capabilities to draw back your precious metal in product form.


Live Prices



£1483.32 /kg


£577.88 /kg


£694.64 /kg


£1810.44 /kg